A simple and smart approach

Ever wonder how industry leaders maximise their working capital and always have the most up to date tools and equipment, Finance Leasing!

You can finance any equipment you use on a daily basis, and pay it off while you generate revenue from that equipment. Check out all the benefits of leasing in our WHY LEASE section.

Leasing is the simple and smart approach to equipment financing. SPAR can help your business grow and succeed by maximizing your cash flow. We have an expertise in key industries and we work with a vast variety of equipment.

A higher success rate

No other leasing company has a higher success rate in terms of approvals, why?

Because unlike most leasing brokers, SPAR has its own portfolio:

  • Approval for all type of credit profiles
  • More Flexibility
  • More Options
  • Higher rates of approval
  • Better rates and terms

Equip yourself now!

Get the required equipment NOW with terms that fit your business needs. Get Started Now! or go to Advantages of leasing.

If you are a Vendor or Supplier and would like to increase sales by offering a financing option to your clientele, check out our Supplier Programs.

Step 1
Go shopping

Find the equipment you want at the equipment dealer of your choice. Make sure to record any identifying specifications and options that you want, along with an approximate cost. You can always call us directly for recommendations. We have privileged relationships with great suppliers that cater to your industry.

Step 2
Complete your application

Take five minutes to complete our online application. You can also apply by calling SPAR directly (514)748-6787.

Step 3
Have a chat with us

We’ll give you a call to review the details of your application and some of the finance options available to you. We’ll then contact your equipment dealer to negotiate purchase of the equipment you want.

Step 4
Receive your equipment

Upon approval of your lease and finalization of your documentation, we’ll contact your equipment dealer, notify them that payment is on its way and you’ll get your equipment.

Call or Message one of our agents today.