A tailored program for retirement and nursing Homes

The people at SPAR Leasing have had the privilege of working with hundreds of entrepreneurs in the elderly care sector for close to a decade. We understand the daily needs and challenges that come with operating a Home, RI or CHSLD. Caring for our most vulnerable citizens and navigating the numerous rules & regulations imposed by the government does not leave time for much else. That is why, we want to make your equipment purchase/leasing as easy as possible.

A planned purchase, an emergency equipment replacement or furnishing your new building, know that your financing is pre-approved and you will benefit from discounted rates if you are a member of the RQRA or l’ARIHQ. Any equipment found in a home is financeable, chairs, beds, sprinklers, ovens, medical apparatus, IT security systems, etc. View leasable equipment. Maximise your potential and spread your cost over the equipment life span. Take a look at payments you could expect over 36 or 60 months.

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SPAR is an approved member of two (2) of the largest retirement home associations in eastern Canada; Regroupement des résidences pour aînées (RQRA) and Association des Ressources Intermédiaires d’Hébergement du Québec (ARIHQ).

The exclusive program we have for this sector is unique in Canada. The goal is to have an alternative to the banks and have a financing plan that matches a retirement homes monthly revenue structure. Leasing enables you to match your monthly room rental income with monthly equipment payments!

HOW it works

Step 1
Go shopping

Find the equipment you want at the equipment dealer of your choice. Make sure to record any identifying specifications and options that you want, along with an approximate cost. You can always call us directly for recommendations. We have privileged relationships with great suppliers that cater to retirement homes.

Step 2
Complete your application

Take five minutes to complete our online application. You can also apply by calling SPAR directly (514)748-6787.

Step 3
Have a chat with us

We’ll give you a call to review the details of your application and some of the finance options available to you. We’ll then contact your equipment dealer to negotiate purchase of the equipment you want.

Step 4
Receive your equipment

Upon approval of your lease and finalization of your documentation, we’ll contact your equipment dealer, notify them that payment is on its way and you’ll get your equipment.

Call or Message one of our agents today.