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SPAR has a long history of servicing the industrial, transport and construction industries. We have financed everything from multi-million-dollar cranes to GPS hardware and software for truck fleets. The people at SPAR Leasing are dedicated to finding a way to put the equipment in your hands. Whether you are a large corporation, an SMB or a broker, SPAR as the program for you.


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We understand the pressures and expectations that come from having deadlines, dealing with downtime and maintaining a fleet of equipment. That is why, we want to make your equipment purchase/leasing as easy as possible. A planned purchase, an emergency machinerie equipment replacement or furnishing your new building, know that your financing will be approved within hours and you will benefit from discounted rates. Any new or used equipment found in a factory, on the road or in a construction site is financeable, AC/units, lifts, trucks, trailers, generators, landscaping equipment, etc.

Maximise your business potential and spread your cost over the equipment life span. Take a look at payments you could expect over 36 or 60 months.

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