Be ready to offer a financing option to your clients!

When a client is ready to buy, do not let financing be a hurdle.

Today’s business owners rely heavily on effective financing alternatives. Put your company in a position to answer your client’s needs, get paid faster & close more sales, more quickly with a ready built financing solution.

Let your sales staff focus on finding the best product for your clients, and leverage the experts at SPAR to make sure these clients get the financing package they need. SPAR will get you more clients approved and will make sure all steps of the financing process are followed diligently.

“Everytime a client asked us for a financing option, we would try to accommodate as best we could. Which means we would complete the work, and take the risk of payment failure and clients postponing payments. With our new partnership with SPAR, we now have a tailored financing plan with a trusted partner, and we always get full payment on delivery!”

Nadia SabriVP at MRC Networks

No other leasing company as a higher success rate in terms of approvals, why? Because unlike most leasing brokers, SPAR as its own portfolio. Which enables us to offer you and your clients:

  • Approval for all type of credit profiles
  • More Flexibility
  • More Options
  • More credit requests approved
  • Better rates and terms

Have SPAR on your side:

  • Put your clients at ease, knowing that they are dealing with a recognized and trusted provider. Take advantage of the expertise and client focused approach from our leasing experts to finalize transactions. This gives you time to focus your energy on the things you do best.
  • We will find a finance solution for every client you refer to us. And we invest all our energy to help you realize your sales projects.

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