Refresh your hardware and medical equipment today!

The health and technology sector are constantly changing and improving. Keep your competitive edge by using the most innovative technology and offer the best treatment to your patients. Opening a new clinic or upgrading your IT equipment, Spar can secure financing quickly so you can acquire the tools you need.

Key benefits

  • Unlock monetary value
  • Improve operations and processes
  • Reduce financial risk
  • Optimize facility design
  • Improve patient care environment
  • Be seen as an innovator
  • Increase your profit margin over time


Medical and technological equipment can require a substantial investment. That is why more and more businesses choose to finance lease their equipment. This helps them lower their overall costs, free up cash flow and keep their equipment up to date.

With flexible terms and conditions that match your business model, SPAR will help you update your equipment and stay current and competitive. Let us do the heavy lifting, and get back to what you do best, taking care of your clients and patients.

“There are many reasons I enjoy working with SPAR for my equipment purchase, one of them is the fact that I can consolidate my payments with several suppliers through one institution and know that I always have a great rate.”

Pascal LévesquePresident, Résidence La Voisinière

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