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Many aspects of managing your business require capital investment; hiring, salary, marketing, IT expenditures, rent, unexpected events, etc. These expenditures cannot be financed. Equipment purchase or rental on the other hand can. Most of the equipment you use for your daily operations can be easily financed at 100%.  Making leasing a powerful tool for any accountant, CFO or savvy business owner. The advantages of leasing are numerous, but here are the top 10 that resonate most with our clients.

““There are many reasons I enjoy working with SPAR for my equipment purchase, one of them is the fact that I can consolidate my payments with several suppliers through one institution and know that I always have a great rate".”

Pascal LévesquePresident, Résidence La Voisinière

10 Reasons why you should lease

  • Leasing improves your asset management and frees up capital for other expenditures.
  • Leasing provides flexible payment options and oftentimes no down payment is required. With leasing, you can secure one hundred percent financing. 
  • Get your equipment fast. Typically, deals can be approved within 24 hours. Especially important for when you need to replace broken or damaged equipment fast to avoid losing revenue.
  • Leasing provides tax benefits as you may be able to write off 100% of your lease payments.
  • Potential cash flow advantages over outright purchase because you may be able to make payments from income generated by the equipment. 
  • Leasing allows you to upgrade your equipment more easily, giving you or your clients access to the latest in technology which provides you with efficiencies and a competitive advantage.
  • You can forecast better, because your lease payments are fixed and won’t fluctuate with rising interest rates.
  • Your bank will require a 10 – 20% down-payment on a loan, while a Lease can be done with only one monthly payment in advance.
  • With leasing, you avoid obsolescence because you simply upgrade to the next model at the end of your lease.
  • There are many different ways to structure a lease to best  accommodate your situation.

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